Georgia Hypnosis Society


The Georgia Hypnosis Society has a rich and expansive history. Below are some noted events from the creation of the society through today. Many thanks to one of our founding members, Dr. Marvin Goldstein for providing the details.


  • Early 1970s: Lawrence Bryant, Ph.D. began a hypnosis discussion group

  • 1977: Dr. Ross Grumet and Dr. Marvin Goldstein revitalized the Atlanta Hypnosis Society (AHS)

  • 1975 -1982: Dr. Sheldon Cohen was editor for the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

  • 1980s: Dr. Frank Ostrowski, Dr. Sarah Lopez, and Dr. John Bums led quarterly meetings at Parkwood Hospital.

  • 1990s: Over 100 participants attended a three hour Hypnosis Workshop at the 1991 Annual Georgia Psychological Association Convention, led by American Society of Clinical Hypnosis

  • AHS members shared hypnosis with colleagues

  • Experts such as Akira Otani, Ed.D. (University of Maryland), William Wester, Ed.D., Dabney Ewin, MD (Louisiana), Julie Linden, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania) were brought in for workshops

  • Dr. Cory Hammond discussed cults and MPD; Dr. George Ganaway cautioned about iatrogenic influences with dissociative patients


  • Monthly seminars included Erickson’s hypnotic metaphors as well as Siprelle’s learning theory

  • Presentations included Multiple and Borderline Personality Disorders, Ego Enhancement, Sports Psychology, Theology, and Regression

  • Mary Allison, Ph.D., presented on David Grove’s Inner Work and Don Spille,Ph.D. incorporated hypnosis into sensate focus exercises

  • Less traditional areas were also explored. Dr. Bob Phillips looked at hypnotically facilitated Near Death Experiences. Dr. Frank Gordon (also M.Div) communicated the positive therapeutic effect of intercessory prayer

  • The peer group practiced confusion techniques, dual induction, silent induction, and Russell Scott’s cave Induction

  • In the middle of the decade, AHS became the Georgia Hypnosis Society (GHS)

  • GHS started the New Millennium with an Introduction to Hypnosis workshop, introducing hypnosis to psychiatric residents, psychology interns, psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, and other mental health professionals

  • GHS presentations were designed for clinicians with advanced hypnosis skills and beginners. Topics included preparing clients for hypnosis

  • Dr. Marvin Goldstein discussed incorporating hypnosis into Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Dr. Don Mirate dicussed hypno-anesthesia for cataract surgery

  • At the turn of the century, President Lynn Karjala handed the presidential reins to Dr. Gary Ganahl followed by Dr. Marvin Goldstein and Dr. Paul Schenk

  • At the end of 2014, after 7 years of service, Dr. Schenk handed the presidential reigns over to Laura B Temin, LMFT, LPC

  • Laura B. Temin moves forward reigniting the spirit of learning, community and service, making 2015 a year of growth. The GHS website, originally created and maintained by Dr. Schenk is revamped and updated with a Hypnotherapist Directory for the public and more activities planned for GHS members. We have reintroduced regular meetings, educational seminars, discussions, training and camaraderie to inspire GHS members.

Mission Statement

To provide and encourage education programs to further, in every ethical way, the knowledge, understanding, and application of hypnosis in health care; to encourage research and scientific publication in the field of hypnosis; to promote the further recognition and acceptance of hypnosis as an important tool in clinical health care and focus for scientific research; to cooperate with other professional societies that share mutual goals, ethics and interests; and to provide a professional community for those clinicians and researchers who use hypnosis in their work.

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis


The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is the largest U.S. organization for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis. Founded by Milton H. Erickson, MD in 1957, ASCH promotes greater acceptance of hypnosis as a clinical tool with broad applications. Today, ASCH offers professional hypnosis training workshops, certification, and networking opportunities that can enhance both professional and personal lives.

ASCH is unique among organizations for professionals using hypnosis. Members must be licensed healthcare workers and, at a minimum, have obtained a master’s degree.

ASCH membership is mostly made up of psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, medical doctors, masters-level nurses, dentists and chiropractors. As an interdisciplinary organization, ASCH provides an opportunity to learn from and interact with colleagues in other health and mental health care disciplines. This allows for a cross fertilization of ideas and applications that meshes neatly with current trends, such as mind-body health and integrative medicine. Regardless of whether you are a professional wanting to learn hypnosis, or a patient wanting help with a problem, take your time and enjoy the visit to our site.

(Reprinted with permission)